Post 07|30
I’m starting to feel like this month’s postings are just nothing but to keep up with the dates..

One of my biggest inconveniences is to maintain my hair. I’ve had it bleached since I was sixteen when my mom’s girlfriend at the time wanted to hate on it. I was honestly the kid do keep doing things just to tick someone off. Aside from having to stop dyeing because of no money or job interview purposes, I’ve damaging my hair for quite a while now, and what sucks is that I can’t just stop or otherwise it would just look tacky.

I always get the same question most days, “how do you keep it healthy?”
… honestly, I don’t. I don’t know how. I just make it look like I do. Here are some of the products I use to prevent premature balding from hair bleach.

Salon Care’s Blue Flash bleach powder and 30 volume cream developer. I get these at Sally’s Beauty, but I’m sure you can find these anywhere at your local stores. Both together may cost you around $30, but if you go in at just the right time, Sally’s has some awesome deals. I once got both of these for under $20. A score indeed.
Once I separate hairs to get the ones I need, I go all out with the bleach. I do two lathers, each taking about an hour a piece, totaling two hours of stand alone bleach. I do not recommend bleaching your hair longer than fifty minutes the same day as I did learn the hard way and strands have fallen out. It’s the rebel in me that personally doesn’t care – it’ll grow back eventually. After the first lather, I rinse, dry, and repeat the final lather.

After my final minutes are up, I hop in the shower to put in more product. I use a generic version of Shimmer Lights, the purple shampoo to make the bleach a little more platinum. Platinum was my intention since day one, but I would physically have to go to a salon for that and I know they’re just gonna give me crap about how I shouldn’t bleach my hair like I do, so I never go. Shimmer Lights works just as well.
I then use John Frieda’s Full Repair shampoo. It’s used on color and heat damaged hair, which is perfect for someone like me who bleaches once a month and blow dries/flat irons everyday. And it works too. Mean the fallen out pieces that are still growing are good as dead now, but at least that’s all I have to worry about. You can find this anywhere in stores for around $7, but I usually get it at Safeway since it’s surprisingly cheaper. At least with the ones I’ve been to.

Once in a while, I’ll use Wen’s deep cleansing conditioner. I got it as a gift from my Aunt and this stuff works wonders. Because of using this once, I revived my hair instantaneously, and it adds softness and shine – a winning deal. I don’t know how much a bottle of it costs, but I highly recommend it.

After what feels like three hours of hair problems, I eventually end with a decent final result:

So next time when anyone gets on my case about my visible roots, I hope they know how much I have to go through just to maintain. It’s a hassle I should have never gotten myself involved with, but I love it anyway.


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