Furious 7.

Post 06|30

Second attempt to see the new Fast movie, and it was a success. After work, Kyle and I buckled down and cleaned the house. It was spotless when we left for our vacation, but you know how it is when you come back home. You just don’t want to do anything..

Even before getting off work, I was super tired that all I wanted to do was to take my nap. Never got to. After cleaning, we left for our 8:30 showing. We were the first ones in the auditorium since we were about an hour early, and then it started getting packed once they rolled the previews. And there was literally 30 minutes worth of previews! I kept track of the time and no wonder why the movie is so long.

The movie itself was great. Action and suspense. It kept me on the edge of my seat, no lie. The ending, however, hit me hard. Not to spoil too much, basically they had a brief tribute to Paul Walker. Sad and beautiful, I cried. My heart hurt in a good way for a moment.

After the movie, we had to make a quick stop to Wal*Mart to pick up a couple things, which that took an hour because the group in front of us at the checkout wanted to hold up the line with family members adding on items left and right. Because of delays, we didn’t get home til around midnight, which I had to go to bed to wake up for work in the morning. Hence why there wasn’t a post made until now. At least I’m caught up now.


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