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Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you all got your fill of food and created more cherished moments you can look back and laugh at. As for my end, everything was alright, but was in a time limit. Last week, I decided to make an Easter brunch since it’s the first Easter in the apartment. I looked up recipes and created a menu. I was set on this plan.

… of course when I always plan something out, there’s always something to come along and ruin everything I built: Kyle was scheduled an opening shift for pretty much the first time ever. What a freaken coincidence. He ended getting the shift switched with someone else giving him until 3 pm to start, but that means I had to be up at a certain time to start cooking. Last night, we got pretty drunk and I’m surprised I woke up early enough, but I had three hours to get everything done.

My menu follows as listed:

1. Roasted Potatoes.
My intention was to make that of country potatoes, but I eliminated a couple ingredients, thus making them into roasted potatoes. They were pretty good, but the next time I make potatoes, I’m sticking with red potatoes. I have less problems as far as removing them from the pan. They don’t stick as much as any other potato. Maybe it’s my pan or how I’m prepping them?

2. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.
Because who doesn’t like bacon? I wanted to create a twist with the bacon though since I didn’t want to just plate single slabs of meat like everyone most likely did. I was looking up recipes and found pancetta wrapped asparagus, and that’s where the idea came from, substituting the pancetta for bacon. I had to slow cook it because I had to make sure each side was frying. No one likes raw bacon. My veggie bacon, however, didn’t want to wrap around, so I had to plate mine as normal.

At least I didn’t go without.

3. Mushroom Fritatta.
Just like the bacon, I didn’t want to make something simple as like scrambled eggs, so I did my research and found the idea of a fritatta. Think of it as a baked omelette. Most of the recipes I’ve found called for meat, which was very discouraging, until I found a mushroom fritatta. Mushrooms, eggs, parmesan, and your favorite seasonings – you’ve created the best (and most simple) egg dish you’ve ever made.

This dish, you have to use a broiler, so make sure you find a pan safe enough to withstand such harsh temperatures.

4. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.
With all these carbs and hearty dishes, I needed something light and sweet to compliment the whole meal. My work helped me out with this idea; we serve this during breakfast hours. Layers of vanilla yogurt and your favorite seasonal fruits will do the trick.

5. Mimosas.
Nothing says “Sunday Brunch” like a mimosa in a semi-fancy glass. Orange juice and champagne together was the best drink ever created. Props to that guy who came up with the idea!

It took me a couple hours to finalize everything, but five minutes to eat. Go figure. Ever since I moved out, I’ve been interested in making my own meals. Plus it’s a lot cheaper. So I added a new category to share my recipes and/or talk about a meal I found interesting somewhere. Everyone likes sharing food let alone eating it, right?

Also, the best part of only having a house of two is all the leftovers that last for the remainder of the week. We are all set.

~Bon appetit.~


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