Easter’s Eve.

Post 04|30

The Easter Bunny showed up to work today with a bag of candy for all the workers.
…. and that candy wasn’t cheap either.

The intention today was to go see Furious 7 after Kyle and I got off work, but by the time we got to the theater, the line for tickets were ridiculously long. I bet I can stream the movie online for free. Granted that it just came out yesterday, I’ve found a lot of movies that haven’t been released. One of my many talents with the internet. Instead, we went to the nearest Wal*Mart, bought a bottle, and now we’re home watching Netflix and drinking the night away.

I deinfietly can’t wait til tomorrow. Not only is my store closed and it’s a free day off, but it’ll be my first time making a brunch. More on that tomorrow and how it turned out in the end.

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Enjoy your time will all loved ones; family and friends, and enjoy the food coma while it lasts.


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