Post 02|30

The one thing about myself is that I tend to be a workaholic. If work calls me in, I’m at the door minutes later. If they need me to stay, I will drop all plans I’ve made just to help my team out. Not saying it’s a bad habit to have, but at least I know why I’m so tired all the time.

Tonight happened to be one of those times where I was needed. I was scheduled 12-7, but there was a pet emergency with one of the closers, so she wasn’t able to come in. Naturally, I volunteered to stay as long as they needed me, which uped my time an hour more. It was dead after the lunch rush, so I thought they really didn’t need me… until out of nowhere, everyone decided to show up. Like a trooper, I lasted the extra hour. I did everything I could to help them out before I left. I then asked what else was needed of me. My MOD asked if I could stay until the crowd died down. I agreed and covered ten minute breaks for the others. I was there until around 8:30 – an hour and a half extra paid time, and I was happy that I left my team with less stress than what they started with.

There were also several times back at the Stockton store when I worked 11-close shifts. I’m talking 10 hours of work!

As much as what I’m doing too exhausting for the body itself, it all becomes worth it once I receive a paycheck.

{A glimpse of what we do during slow hours}

Well, there was my night. How was yours?


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