Photo Date Overdue.

Just some of the few photos that were taken yesterday.

After that recent post about myself being mopey, Kim also decided to plan a day trip up here for us to take photos once again. Everyday has been just work nonstop, so this was definitely something I needed to do. I asked her if there were any places she had in mind to go, and she told me she found a few. So when Saturday came, we went to (almost) all of them. I can’t exactly remember the names to these places; all I know is that one was a rose garden and two different parks – one being Discovery Park. They all were nice in their own way. The rose garden would be a definite come back once all the roses bloom, the first park we went to was quaint and cute. It was also next to the zoo, so I know where to go if I ever want to come back. The second park will have to be an all day trip again since it looked like there was a lot to see there. Kim was trying to go to some rock garden that was described as a “hidden garden”, but I guess it was well hidden enough since we couldn’t find it. I guess only those that are worthy are welcome.

After our photo ops, I had to treat her to Leatherby’s since she’s never been. Such great ice cream there, huge and reasonable priced. Their menu is good too, but most rather come for the sundaes since the amount they give you is about that much of a decent meal.

We then headed back to my place and cracked open the bottle of wine Kim had brought for us. I’m not usually a big fan of reds, but at least I’m acquiring the taste for them now. This one wasn’t too bad at all. It was pretty strong, but it wasn’t that overwhelming. At least it’ll give you a little rush. During the drinking process, Kim had also brought a party size veggie lasagna for the household to share, but we both killed half of it together. Wine and food just go hand to hand. Also, during the last hour of the lasagna cooking, we opened yet another bottle to spare the time. Remember that wine I got from Fresno last September? I finally decided to give that a try and it either was really good or I was too drunk to even “taste” it. Either way, I’ll have to go back Home to get another, possibly may try out their red wine as well.

After a night of drinking, talking, and playing Final Fantasy X-2, the night eventually ended like this:

She passed out for a good two hours before driving back home. Things like that, I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to crash for the night if she needed to, but she was sober enough to make it back.

Overall a fun night despite I had work the next morning. Good thing I crashed early enough to wake up in time.

Now back to reality where I’m now faced with all kinds of morning shifts this week; Wednesday probably may be the worst: opening the store.


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