The Night Out.

Two posts in one month, let alone the same week. A record for me.

After my outbursts of cries, Kyle decided to do the honorable thing and plan a night out – just the two of us.

Running on three hours of sleep once again, I had work this morning until four. The original plan was to go grocery shopping after, but since he had the day off, he wanted to do something. “Planning” would be a lie since most of the night was technically spur of the moment.

I first had to make a quick stop at Ulta before the night began. Two of my girly friends have been trying to doll me up these past few weeks because I fail as a female when it comes to makeup. After brief trials, product testing, and a makeover, I found a few products that I love to use and started knowing how to use. My next purchase was a foundation. A friend of mine that lives with the same oil problem uses Bare Minerals and she said it works pretty well. I decided to give this a try.

For dinner, we decided to try out Mel’s Diner. One of my girly friends recommended this place since we live about a block away from one, but we decided to try the one on J Street.

Over all, the place was alright. The portions were kinda small for an unreasonable price, their potatoes tasted like that powder stuff you make from the boxes, the cornbread was dry, and I had to try a piece of Kyle’s steak because it looks sad – turns out it was. I could make a better steak. The curly fries were the only thing good about the meal. It was decent for what it was, but I don’t think I’ll eat there for dinner again. I do want to try their breakfast. Their dinner may suck, but that means their breakfast may be awesome. Some day, some day.

After dinner, we went to see a movie since Kyle had a gift card to use. We’ve been trying to come to an agreement on a movie all day. For the longest time, I really thought he wanted to see Fifty Shades of Grey because he’s been talking about it before the movie even came out. Though I would like to see it, just not in theaters. Awkward.

We decided on Focus because you can never go wrong with a Will Smith film. We also saw the preview for it when we went to see The Hobbit and thought it looked interesting. Without giving too much, the movie was good. Intense in some scenes too. Just all around a great film. The thing about it, however, is that I can see many people watching it and then go out to learn how to pick pocket; just like when 21 came out and everyone thought they could go to casinos to count cards. Watch, my hunch will be right.

After the movie, we finally went grocery shopping before it was closed. I had to give up trying the Dessert Diner because of it. Oh well, another day. Anyway, we have coupons for $10 off $50 from our previous visit. Who knew how much you could actually buy for just $50! Let’s just say, we have food to last us two weeks if we wanted, and then some.

Of course no grocery trip would be fun without buying alcohol. So naturally we did.

I’ve been seeing this bottle around various Asian restaurants or as close to, so I have to give it a try. It is so sweet, I don’t know how I’ll be able to finish the bottle. And something sweet could be a dangerous thing. I had to look up ways I could serve it instead of just liquid to a glass. Next time, I’ll add club soda to make it more of a malt liquor and to cut off most of the sweetness.

Right now, we’re babysitting our drinks and watching The Shaggy Dog. It really took me the whole movie length to finish this post. Distractions for the loss.

Anyway, thanks to Kyle, I’m one step closer of becoming one with my blog again, and I thank him for that. The little things he does really cheers me up.

Time for me to start heading to bed. I have work in the morning again. Until next time. Hopefully soon.


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