The Truth About a Blog..

Happy March, everyone! It’s been really a month since my last post. Now, I can give my overused excuses of my absences, but I figure everything has been used in the list of procrastination. I’m not here to make any promises of the continuations of Life In a Photograph, but mainly the truth of why I’m always not online.

Let’s start with the first thing that’s always in mind when trying to keep a life of social media. For starters, I began blogging when I was just a depressed kid with no intentions of making friends, let alone even having one. The internet was my escape, it was my release. I could find new music to relate to, I would find a funny video to keep my spirits up and give me a hint of real laughter, and a simple blog site became my personal journal. Fast forward six years later – now working close to a full time job, I’ve just moved to a new city where I’m just barely learning about, now having the struggle to survive on my own. About a few hours later was I watching old YouTube videos that got me through dark times that I realized I haven’t done that sort of thing in such a long time. As of this moment in time, I barely look for new music, I’ve realized I gave up on YouTube four years ago, and I let go of my journal – the one thing that kept me sane.
… and where has this gotten me? Busy for my own good. I am stuck now with full adult responsibilities where I frown upon fundamentals until the task is 120% complete. Because of this, my once sad soul has become worse. A stressed out workaholic has been the path taken. I’ve come to believe that I don’t know who I am anymore.

Which this leads to the second part of my confessions. Because my job has consumed me to its fullest, there is no time to have fun anymore. Therefore, no stories to talk about, or worth even mentioning. Sure, I can create a post everyday if I *really* wanted to, but stores about my job and how I took a decent nap would become the never ending story.

Three. Back when I lived with my dad, I had limitations of what I was able to do because of current situations. After moving, the limits have stayed, and then some. No car, no ride. No money, no one I know, no fun. Just getting off work equals being too tired to do anything. Hence why Sidekick and I haven’t been the best duo for a while. In order for me to share a story, I would like to have some visuals to enhance it. Think of it as a child’s book with the pictures and words to connect the story as one. Without the time, money, transportation, and rest, I feel as if I just can’t do anything. And the feeling is the worst.

I can continue on with my reasons (laptop dying out, laziness, out of material to share), but top three are as mentioned.

No, this isn’t the end of my blogging days, but I also can’t dedicate myself to it as much as I would like to. At least not right now. I’m still trying to find myself in my new surroundings. Maybe I can channel the old me someday. I miss her a lot.

If anything, I’ll give myself a challenge to *at least* post once a week. A fresh start of getting back on track. It’s the least I can do..


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