Sacramento Bound.

I’ve been in Sacramento for a little over two weeks now. How is it, you ask? Quiet. It’s very quiet here. Mainly because I don’t know anyone here, so it’s just me and the dogs most of the time. Not to mention that I can hear the upstairs neighbor with is stomping across the floors and his late night snoring. So quiet, it’s uncomforting.

Our move date was anything but a hassle. I had all my stuff packed and ready prior to the day. Kyle chooses to wait last minute, but everything was smooth sailing. My friends, Stephanie and Katy drove up to help, as well as Kyle’s family.

Our first week in town, we spent almost everything we had for furniture and supplies. The move in date, the four of us traveled to IKEA for a couch, coffee table, and kitchen supplies. It was a costly visit, but at least we got what we needed. The next day, we went to the Dollar Tree for odds and ends that we’re too cheap to pay brand price for and Walmart for food that I guaranteed we weren’t going to finish before it went bad (and I was right). This first week really hit me hard that I was officially moved out. Both terrifying and exciting.

My second week is when I started work out here. I ended up transferring to the Boudin out here with ease. It’s a lot strict, but less busy. There’s too much staff that there’s hardly anything to physically do. I could clean, but someone would already have beaten me to it. I prefer closing more than day shifts, because there’s just enough amount of people and it’s chill. Plus closing here is thirty minutes faster than closing at the Stockton store. The staff is cool, but my shy side tends to get in the way of social interaction. For now, just focus on the job, not making friends.

Friends have come visit me here and there, but I wish I knew how to drive so I can visit home. I miss my Stockton store, my friends, and I really miss my dad. It’s just me and the dogs stuck at home. What else can I do?

Also, I cannot tell you how much alcohol we have been consuming for these past days. The number of beer cans never seem to stop adding up. Perks of living on your own, I guess..?

And the one thing I’ve grown to hate now is a messy house. Just a little pile of stuff will set me off. I’ve got the dogs to train all over again, four different rooms that need to remain spotless for as long as I can, not to mention a small patio that becomes a nightmare to clean. I didn’t sign up for this.

It’s been two weeks on this chapter. So far, I’m enjoying the freedom, but it is lonesome a bit. It’ll still be a little while before I get used to the changes around here. Plus, I’m in Sacramento! There’s so much to see and do. Why should I have to stay home 24/7? Sidekick and I haven’t hung out in such a long time, there is much catching up to do!

Well here’s a quick post to let you all know how things have been. Hopefully since I have less of a busy schedule now, I can start blogging more often and start this Sac Town adventure the right way. Let’s see how this all goes.


One thought on “Sacramento Bound.

  1. Be sure to try Ryujin! I’d say they serve a pretty big portion of ramen there than all of the ramen places I’ve been to! Ginger Elizabeth’s also have the best macarons in town. Oh and try Sketch Ice Cream!! Lol 😀

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