A New Year Means A New Beginning.

Happy New Year, everyone. I’m still in awe that 2015 is here.

Other than the fact that I’m being hassled to make a new year post, I also come with news and updates.

As you are all aware, I’m moving, but this time to Sacramento. At first, Sacramento and Roseville were in consideration, but after viewing prices, we found that Sacramento was much more inexpensive comparing to Roseville with their $1,200+ one bedroom apartments. We found a place that’s ten minutes away from my work for rent only roughly around $750, including everything but gas/electricity. We found it at last minute when a realtor actually recommended it to us from our first visit out, and decided to check it out. It’s not too shabby for a first apartment. After viewing the showroom, we got started on paperwork right then and there. To me, it was perfect.

As of right now, Kyle’s store officially opened a few days ago, so he’s been commuting back and forth. Today was also my last day at my job before I transfer out to the store out North. Emotions were overwhelming, but I’ll miss these crazy cats. I wish them all the best of luck as well.

… I’m also trying to get our PG&E set up as we speak. So far, it’s a pain in the tuckus.

Our official move in date is on Saturday, so try not to get too discouraged if my posts don’t pop up anytime soon. Just know that I’m still trying to get things done and ready for the big day, as well as not having internet access for my laptop until after we move in.

Until then, Happy 2015! Keep those resolutions in check and make this your year.


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