International Weekend, Part Four.

Once again, it was time for another International trip. Not only did I miss the last convention in September due to it being my dad’s birthday weekend, but Kyle skipped it as well because it was a Charlotte date that he couldn’t afford. After our Team Leader told us when the next event was, we both agreed to travel to Phoenix, Arizona for make up for the important three days missed.

Our flight was at six in the morning out of Sacramento from Delta Airlines. For a first time Delta traveler, I’m going to list things that I didn’t like about them:
1. Each of their aircrafts we flew were small and compact.
2. Very uncomfortable seating.
3. Each light/air vent we had were broken.
4. First Class got a lot more attention while us economy seaters barely even got a cup of water.

There’s more on that list, but I’ll get to that later.

We flew to LAX for our two hour layover and then to Phoenix right after. We took a taxi to our hotel, where we met up with our Team Leader, Alde, in the room. The first training of the day began at two in the afternoon, which we only had an hour to get settled and ready. Cindy, one of our team members, came to pick us up. She then mentions that she used to live in Phoenix and was using her parent’s car to get around. Convenient. The convention was at the US Airways Center, which was a ten minute walk from our hotel.

I feel like each time I go to these conventions, the crowd gets much bigger.

Each International, The Ronald McDonald House charities are always taking in donations all weekend long. They tally up the total at the end of the event. It’s a good feeling to know how much good you’re doing for kids that are in need for help.

Now it was time for some brief training.
Mr. Simon Abboud (left) with his famous card method of finding the right and future IBOs, Mr. Danny Bay (right) being the Vice President of the company and training others of what he knows and learned over time, and Mr. Franco LaFranco (bottom) teaching the business as a way of science.

After day one of the event, Kyle and I were invited to a dinner and a meeting at another hotel nearby. We went for the food at the time, but if we were going to be serious about everything, we knew we needed to stay. This is were I met another Team Leader, Malcolm, for the first time. We all gathered in the lobby to hear what he had to say, which at the beginning, he made all of us write our names on paper. We all did and he then tells us that we are now committed in a team challenge. We established two different teams for the game and went over rules and guidelines. After, I decided to take photos.

Kyle, Alde, Cindy, and I decided to go to a bar afterward, which I think was the best, but worst idea. I had some rum mixed drink which tasted straight up like Jagger, a citrus martini that was too sour to be a lemon drop, and a glass of red wine I could actually tolerate. We all ended up pretty drunk by the time the guys and I got back to the hotel, but Alde insisted on going to the bar in the hotel lobby for one final beer. He’s definitely a fun drunk.

Amazingly, we all woke up hungover free and ready to begin the longest training day ever.

Kyle and I ended up walking to the stadium since we wanted to sleep a little longer and make sure we weren’t too messed up. The event started at nine in the morning and goes all day until six.

The beginning, co-founder, Mr. Greg Provenzano (left), opened the stage up with his words of wisdom. Every time I see him, I can’t help but to notice that he somewhat resembles Kevin Spacey. I always laugh at the thought. After his speech, he brought up another co-founder, one of the Cuspiz brothers (forgot which one) to talk about the things that were changing within the business, which were some pretty intense stuff. Throughout the day were more guest speakers and their advice and trainings on how to run a successful business.

Usually around 11 is when they start promotions and whatnot, which gives others the chance to watch them or to go on an early lunch break, which didn’t start til noon. Kyle and I ended up leaving to go get food to soak up more alcohol and venture in downtown Phoenix for a bit. The environment just reminded me of little downtown Stockton. More businesses and food than anything.

For lunch, we found a Z Pizza to try out and take back to the room. I ordered a vegan pizza to try while I bought Kyle a calzone there. I felt bad for the place because right after we ordered, there was a line out to the door with only four people working, and then I overheard people getting mad because the “service was slow”. As a front of house restaurant worker, I felt their pain. We brought the food back to the room just to relax and try the pizza. Everything was good, except for the cheese. I had never had vegan cheese before and I regret ever trying it. It was the worst thing ever. Never again.

We both decided to take a quick little nap before we had to be back at two for the rest of the event, which we accidentally overslept through, having us miss the best promotions. I was upset about that. There was a team rally at seven we attended on the second floor of the hotel. Two hours later, Kyle and I went to get more food to munch on and I took photos of the hotel while I still could.


Last day of the event. Check out was at noon, so we packed up all our belongings and had them stored in the lobby til we were ready to leave.

Mrs. Jennifer Doud (top) training with the stories of her kids and a strong “woman power” philosophy, and Mr. Max Knowles (bottom), a twenty six year old getting through to the younger peers to help them understand. Each trainer was amazing at what they do.

Final words of Mr. Provenzano, and the event was over.

It was now past noon, and Kyle and I had six hours until our flight. We ended up walking across the street to Hard Rock Cafe to eat. Man, have things changed since the last time I went in Boston.

An hour later with a food coma, we ended walking back to the hotel to grab our luggage, requesting a Lyft to the airport, and wait for five hours to leave.

You thought I was done with my Delta rants, but oh no. This was just the icing on the cake with the things I hate about them:
5. Had to volunteer our bags to have them sent out to our destination even though there was plenty of room.
6. When it was close to landing, one of the flight attendants was cleaning up trash and walked to the row in front of us, saying that she could get the cup out of the way. The lady said it was alright and was going to finish it. Then the flight attendant said, “well I have take it” and took the girl’s full cup from her. Rude.
7. When we finally got our luggage, the handle and wheels of Kyle’s bag was broken, someone must have ripped open the bag since there were pieces that were supporting the bag ripped and shredded, and his belongings inside broke. When he told the gals at baggage check, they said they weren’t liable for it and there was nothing they could do.

Needless to say, Delta Airlines are the worst to travel with. They don’t care about their customers, let alone the mistakes they condone. In the meantime, I’m going to contact them to see if they can reimburse anything because the whole experience was terrible.

Aside from crappy service, the trip was fun. It got me excited for next things to come if I work hard for it. Something is telling me to go for it, so that’s what I’m going to do. You never know the outcome if you don’t try. Wish me luck.


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