The World Tour.

Back when I was on Tumblr, I created a list of shows I have gone to as well as a post of my own review of them. Seeing as I no longer use the site, it is now time to start a new list right here. Let’s begin!

Coming up a couple weeks ago, Kyle and I traveled two hours down South for yet another Pierce The Veil show, which included Sleeping With Sirens, This Wild Life, and Beartooth. I had bought the tickets three months in advance (right when they went on sale to be exact!), picked up Misha, and we were on our way to a much needed fun night.

This Wild Life.

This Wild Life opened the show. I discovered these guys through a friend and first saw them live at Warped this year. For what I heard then, they were pretty chill live; something you can just wind down for thirty minutes after going hard in the paint all day. When I saw they were going to be on the tour as well, I knew Kyle wound’t say no to another PTV show. This time, they spoke to me, almost bringing tears to my eyes. Everything about them and the moment was beautiful. I’ll definitely keep seeing them for as long as they’re touring.


Funny story about these guys: So the vocalist was originally in Attack Attack, which was one of my favorite bands back in the day. Up until This Means War and the departure of Jonny Franck, everything about them went downhill for me. Months later, my Facebook had liked this page called “Beartooth”, and I’m thinking, “Why would I like that? Did I like that?”. Took me minutes though scrolling the page to find out that it was the old Attack Attack page. I laughed.
So this set pretty much meant nothing to me. Mean, they were good, but I wasn’t too thrilled on it. Maybe a couple songs, but that’s about it. Sorry.

Pierce The Veil.

Making this my fifth time seeing these guys, they still never seem to fail. Each tour, they try to one up the last, but still with as much excitement, if not more. One thing they could’ve done without was the excessive use of the lights. Most photos I took were either too bright or pitch black. It was pretty much epilepsy waiting to happen. I also wish they would play more songs from A Flair For The Dramatic soon. Collide With The Sky is no doubt a great album, but it is now two years old. Time to stop the promotions and just have fun. Aside from all that, still was all the fun I needed.

Sleeping With Sirens.

I was a little surprised that they closed the show, thinking that this was pretty much a PTV show, but good for SWS for moving up. My feelings for them, however, remained the same. I used to be a Sleeping With Sirens fan. Over time after seeing how Kellin was milking the fame and the rest of the band was getting shunned out, I lost respect for him. Then they lost some members here and there, and their Feel album just didn’t feel the same (see what I did there?). I listened to a couple songs, and it was like the spark was gone. After seeing them live that, it was if I needed that to remember the band as a whole again. After them playing the old songs, I remembered why I had liked them so much and it brought back the band I once knew. Then they got to the new stuff, and I honestly did like a few of them. Before I make my final decision, I’ll definitely make time to listen to the Feel album thoroughly.
Cheesy post is cheesy.

Anyway, here’s my input on the show. Overall, it was a fun night that counted as a stress reliever. All I needed.

For more photos, click here.


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