Second Year.

October sixth became one of the most anticipated dates of the year: our second anniversary. What did we do with our time? We had the best last minute getaway of our lives.

When it reached closer to the date, we decided on an overnight stay to Monterey. Monterey hold a lot of my childhood memories and it would’ve been his first time visiting, so I figured ‘why not’? He booked us a room for the night before because I had work the whole week. As soon as I clocked off and got in the car, we were on our way to endure a three hour car ride to freedom from reality.

We ended up staying at a quaint little hotel on Fremont Street; some minutes away from Cannery Row. That night, we were thinking Chinese take out just for a quick dinner since it was getting pretty late, but since it was a Sunday, most places we considered were closed. The closest thing was Panda Express. We could get that anywhere. The hotel concierge recommended some Chinese restaurant that was just down the street, so we checked it out. It wasn’t until I read the menu that I realized that it was family-buffet style. We had a lot of food left over.

Their oyster sauce mushrooms were just perfect.

We ended the night with a couple glasses of champagne and a bottle of Jager.

Check out time was at eleven, so we left fifteen minutes early to go roam around. After getting lost on roads for a while, we checked out the Old Fisherman’s Wharf were I did a little shopping and had foreign speaking tourists tick me off.

Then we headed to Cannery Row for an open ocean view and a quick bite.

Our lunch alone was close to $60, just for two plates of fish and chips ($15 each), a side of ceviche ($12), his beer ($4), and my drink ($10).

Our waiter also gave us a sample of wine before checking our IDs. He was a little embarrassed of his mistake.

After shopping a little more and walking up and down the Row, we decided to stay cheap now and just sight see and chill at the beach, which was a moment well needed.

He ended out passing out for a nap and I was enjoying the breeze and the crashing waves. It was the relaxation I needed. A little bit past an hour, we left because of getting wind burnt on the face and decided to visit Carmel By The Sea.

High tide was coming in, so we ventured back home, but not before we stopped at Casa De Fruita for dinner and final childhood reminiscing. I wish everything didn’t have to end.

Two years of happiness, anger, and memories to add to our archives. To be honest, we both felt like we weren’t even going to make it this long, but it goes to show that love conquers all troubles you come across, and I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Two years later, and I still can’t ask for a better partner, lover, and best friend.

Here’s to us and many more years to follow.


One thought on “Second Year.

  1. Your photos are just amazing! Man I missed them! Such clarity and beauty…
    And the video was too cute! Even made me tear up a bit because of how happy you guys are together 😄
    Keep it up!!

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