With my family, we’ve always had this thing about not wanting gifts from others, but rather treating ourselves. My dad’s birthday was yesterday, so he decided on a trip to Fresno for today just to visit and the food.

Our first stop was one of the AT&T stores in Clovis, where I saw Don, my dad’s coworker from years ago, again for the first time in forever. We both definitely forgot how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other and how old reality has gotten. I’m even surprised I still remembered him! The last time I’ve seen him was back when I was just a kid. I was a real treat to see him again. Then we headed out to Blackstone to see Misha’s dad to say a quick hi before he was done with his lunch break.

Our next stop was to The Meat Market to pick up a jug of barbecue sauce for my dad’s coworker. I don’t know why, but it was on the list of things to do.

Naturally I got the white wine, oops..

When it comes to food, Fresno is THE once place that I will give up vegetarianism hardcore. Most places bring back so many memories that I would have to give in eventually, so why not? The first restaurant we stopped at was The Chicken Pie Shop, where, you guessed it, they’re known for their chicken pot pies. I’m talking CHUNKS in the pies and it’s all a family recipe. And don’t even get me started on the mashed potatoes..
Dad just bought eight pot pies to take home. It was torture smelling them in the car.

It’s location is in Tower District, which reminds me of the Miracle Mile in Stockton a little bit, with its many bars, cluttered restaurants, and random events. I would definitely love to check out the nightlife there when I have the time to visit like that.

Our next food stop was at The Silver Dollar, an old hofbrau that’s been there for years and is one of my dad’s favorite places to eat. There, we picked up eight sandwiches, each filled with various types of carved meat with Swiss cheese and the buns double dipped in au jus for added flavoring, and our three sides consisting of rice pilaf, potato salad, and Jello (I would eat the Jello there all the time when I was little).

Dad ended up spending around $100 of food in total..

We saw Misha when she was at work before we went to get the food. She told us she got off work at three, so when the time came, we visited her and her mom at the house before we decided to head back home to beat traffic.

Fresno is just a city in California, but it’s my hometown, my childhood. Every time I visit, I always get a welcoming feeling and I enjoy every second of it. It’ll forever have a place in my heart.


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