I’ve always been meaning to keep up with posts, but I never keep my promises. Let’s back up with a recap of what’s been going on.

~ Sidekick and I had our first gig in a long time. It happened to be my coworker’s wedding and it took a lot for me to get the job to be honest. When she first mentioned to me that she was engaged, I hinted that I would take photos for her, but then she told me she might have a closer friend for the job, which was no big deal. Getting closer to the date, she finally hired me on because she wanted that friend just to have a good time and not work so much.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT much to get the gig, but the struggle is real to get my name out… and some cash on the side.

To see more, click here.

~ I’ve been struggling with work for hours and also some decent time off. I’ll get two days off a week, but they still want to call me in. Then when I request just one day off, my hours get cut. I find it funny because if it was anyone else, nothing would happen to them. It’s times like these that make me hate my job even more. I either need to find a new and better one or a second one to support what they lack.

~ Speaking of requesting days off, I went on some train dinner ride with my “in-laws” and it was pretty fun. It was north of Sacramento, and basically it was a “Mystery Murder Train” theme with dinner/desert and a show. The show itself was self explanatory: who killed who. Like Clue, but on a train with actual people instead of a game board.

And I was this lovely gal’s “bridesmaid” for the night. Pretty awesome stuff.

~ I’m also still on the search for a house and saving up to even think about living in said house. Also my community college basically denying my education. Growing up is a lie.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what has been going on for the past month or so. Nothing too fancy or outstanding.

Oh, and I need some suggestions. If you haven’t noticed, this post was structured and worded completely different from my previous posts. My blogging days have been pretty limited since I’ve moved on from my Tumblr. I try to keep Life In A Photograph a more personal and mature blog, but I feel it’s not really working out for me since my departure from Tumblr and the urge to post little randomized things here and there. Would you all be willing to see some off-the-wall posts on this blog (but still have some type of story behind it), or should I just play it safe and make a new one for enjoyment purposes? Thanks for the feedback (:


2 thoughts on “Ideas?

  1. Really lovely pictures! You captured beauty extremely well! And I love the theme that they did! Makes me wonder what theme I’d want to do lol.

    As for the blog situation… I say add the random posts! It’s your blog, do what you want! It’s what makes you, you! We’re the kind of people that loves to keep memories longer by exploiting it… don’t be ashamed of it. But if you have the urge to post something real personal, keep the information to a minimum. Don’t give too much out like in your tumblr.

    • Thanks for the feedback about the photos! During the editing process, I was so mad that a good majority of them didn’t come out the way I wanted and I’m still learning how to use the flash at night time, which I thought those photos were crap too -.-

      And I am thinking about just using this blog as a blog because there’s so much stuff I could be posting to preserve the memories and the feels. I miss blogging so much, it’s unreal haha.

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