When Life Runs Its Course.

Saturday was my Grandparents’ memorial. It was one of the annual visits my Aunt creates to get the family together for some time. It was a nice gathering with some memories to reminisce on and all you can eat buffet.

Not only is it five years of my Grandpa’s passing and my Grandma’s 25th, but we also took a toast to the loss of two important souls in the family recently: my Great Uncle Jerry and my Great Aunt May. My Uncle had carried on last year with a stroke and my Aunt is still unconfirmed, at least on my end. Each one of them were magnificent poeple that had impacts on multiple individuals. If only I had a chance to say goodbye instead of getting a dreaded phone call or a quick announcement as soon as you come home.

After my Aunt’s passing, it got me realizing that not only has it become that time of heartbreak for us, but life really is too short to take for granted. At any given moment, everything could be taken away from you instantaneously while you don’t really have a say in the matter.

But I’m not here to drown you all with sorrows. Tonight, we celebrate with silence the life of the loss of someone dear to you. Save a memory that you’ll cherish forever, recapture all senses you’ve felt when you were with them, make sure their soul can feel you thinking about them as they watch over you as your guardian angel. I’m sure they were all fantastic people too.

The most odd thing about the subject that when there is death,

.. there is always new life.

So go out there and hug someone you love, meet new people, cherish all memories to remember, create goals and values, do something so spontaneous that when you look back at it, it was personal wish achieved. Life your life to the fullest. It is the only one you have.

If I was ever granted a simple wish, I would ask to travel back in time to tell my Grandpa how much of an amazing soul he is and finally meet my Grandma for the first time.


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