Magic Mountain.

Kyle’s dad has a company picnic once every year in the summer. This year, it was out at Six Flags in Vallejo. The thought of a family outing sounded nice… up until we actually got there.

When we got there, I thought it would be nice to bring Sidekick along since we both haven’t had a time out for a while, but our time together ended very quickly due to there being no cubby space to place loose items on the ride and we had to pay for a locker every hour because of automatic set times. But they do have a convenient souvenir cup holder of all things. We ended having to travel back to the car to put Sidekick away. I felt bad, but she understood. We did take some photos, so at least there is something.

Granted it was on a Saturday, but the wait times were crazy ridiculous. We waited an hour and thirty minutes for one ride, and it wasn’t even worth it.

Speaking as an animal rights activist, I have a bittersweet feeling about exploiting animals for show. I love animals more than anything and I do get all cutesy once I see them, but I don’t feel right about using them for a means of entertainment, especially when most tend to abuse their prized show animals AND you’re paying a lot of money just to see them. Not once cent goes to helping them. I understand they could be rescue animals and aren’t well enough to return to their habitat and/or bred in captivity, but I feel bad for them. They could be having a rad animal lifestyle, but they’re stuck for show, behind caged doors and getting peanuts thrown at them. Poor guys. Long story, short, I had to keep my opinions to myself so I didn’t bum out the rest of the group ’cause I have a tendency to do so, but I was thinking it real hard.

Speaking of those souvenir cups, Kyle bought one for all of us to share. $15 for unlimited refills all day, not too shabby. We took advantage of that with the first three refills within 10 minutes (it was a pretty hot day). After we went on one ride, we came back and the cup was gone. Someone really just stole a plastic cup for the laughs. Shaking my damn head.

The only upsides to the whole day was the vegetarian options for food, the alcohol we brought for the ride, and the surrounded company. Other than that, we all agreed it was a pretty lame day and tiring. I hope next year, we go back to Great America. At least they like to help out their customers.


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