International Weekend, Part Three.

Last weekend was my third International trip, hosting back in San Jose. Sidekick and I have been apart from each other since our vacation to Maine, so there was much catching up needed.

My reasoning for attending these conventions is for personal growth. It’s mainly a trip for the business, but each guest speaker always has something to say that strikes me and I learn from their words. Most of the time, I’ll apply their speeches and ideals into my life habits to help better myself.

And, of course, there was much scoping out San Jose whenever we had free time.

Cue in the final photos.

Next International isn’t until mid-September in Cleveland, Ohio, which I’m anticipating every second of it. Not only will it be another three days of self discovery and a fun-filled weekend with my business partners and Sidekick, but it’ll also cross off another State on my bucket list. A triple win.


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