International Weekend.

Kyle, Zach, Sidekick, and I took a trip to San Jose for the weekend for International. International is a major event that all business owners must attend to every few months. This was my second coming.

The sixth is when we left for a four hour convention meeting. It was basically the opening of the weekend, as well as some brief training involved. The four of us got to our hotel that was twelve minutes away from where we were around seven. The Hyatt is where we stayed, and it was the most beautiful hotel ever visited.

Sidekick and I explored more within the hotel, so we both went down to the lobby. On the right was the dining area with its Christmas decor. The one thing I love about this time of year is that it is the most beautiful holiday for photos.

After texting Kyle that I needed Sidekick’s sidekick (aka Tripod) from out of the car, the three of us took a stroll outside the building to see what we could find. Which turned out to be nothing but potential hypothermia..

Queue in a few one shots:

Sunday when the convention ended, the four of us stayed in San Jose for a while so I could get my photo fix (also to find a particular burrito place to get Kim a bottle of sauce). We ended up at the Japanese Garden nearby.

Personal note:
Back home, reality hit me and made me realize that I needed to get started on my part fast. I’m ready for my trainings and to make something of myself because going back to work the following morning to be yelled at for something I didn’t do was not part of my plan. I’m over this lifestyle, time for a change.


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