To Be Thankful.

Today is the day where we spend time with family, eat everything in sight within twelve hours of the day, and think about what we are thankful for. Cliche, I take time to reminisce on the year for self improvement and the memories. Here’s a list of a few that I’m thankful for.

The biggest pain became the best thing my life. She gave me a reason to wake up each day back when I was at my worst, not because of her cleaning my face or pushing me over for a lot more room on the bed. Whenever I feel down, I can always count on her to do her puppy thing and creep a smile on my face.

This chick on the left would happen to be one of my great friends ever. I’ve had many other female friends, but no one compares like her. She was the only one that stayed when things got out of hand and I too returned the favor. Plus our love for photography and various similar interests brought us closer. We haven’t hung out much since a slight dilemma, but now that it’s taken care of, I’m looking forward to our next photo day.

And I guess Choo is alright. Kidding, he’s just as awesome.

I believe that I’m the only one that enjoys their day job, but it brought me back on my feet in more ways than just receiving a paycheck. I’ve met some interesting people as well as befriending a few of them. Anti-social Lexi doesn’t exist anymore. It was too depressing and awkward. I never want to be unemployed again..

A year and two months, and this guy will never leave my side. I could never find the words to say how much I appreciate everything he has done for me, but somehow he knows and laughs when I try. Our relationship in a nutshell. He’s the best.

Wherever I end up, she will always be my best friend. My rock. My main squeeze. My sister. Even when I was 3,000 miles away, she never gave up on friendship, let alone a bond that has been solid for a decade. Nineteen years, nothing will ever upset this connection, and I wouldn’t want it to. Life would be too boring without her.

I’m not exactly close to my family because they went their separate ways over time and come together twice a year. If there’s anyone that I could count on for anything, my dad takes the cake. We have this unusual bond that no one would understand, but that’s okay. 98 percent of our conversations are only meant for us anyway. I know some that never had a father figure to raise them because of such causes. I’m just lucky I can say I had mine throughout my whole life, even when I was away.

Now this is where I end this post and go stuff my face with rice and pie. Mmmm, pie.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

What are you thankful for?


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