Alone: To Have No One Else Present, On One’s Own.

Lately, I haven’t been doing so well in the social group I’m involved with. Now that I think of it, I never was to begin with.

What’s in a friend? What do you look for to even meet your acquaintance scale? For me, it’s really not much. All I ever want is just one to give back as much as I would give them. I am rather shy, but I’m ridiculously friendly. I’ve never judged anyone because of one’s appearance, never have I said anything to hurt one’s conscience, and I rarely hate. All around genuine human being, what’s not to accept?

Life forces you to meet new people and gives you the option to allow them to become a part of your world. It seems as if no matter how friendly I am, it’s not enough. Eventually I pushed these unwanted people aside, but what am I left with at the end?

I don’t mind little communication every once in a while; at least they’re still involved. I, however, found individuals that only want to use me, cry out to me when they need something. When the tables have turned, I’m never acknowledged.

Twenty one years, and I’m still stuck from where I was since the fifth grade. It is part of experiences, but reliving the same day after day by my lonesome becomes rather upsetting, which leads to most serious thoughts. Let’s not get ahead of the game called life.

For those that stuck by me through the years or just for the month, you are the best friend I could ever ask for. If I could, I would reward you with friendship ribbons.

To newcomers in my world, I don’t mind getting to know you.

.. just don’t stick around if you plan on vanishing away.

Rant over.


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