Morning Walks.

After days of sulking in depression, in hopes that something will change for the better, my Sidekick has wondered why I hardly ever pick her up anymore.
“Why haven’t we had our time lately?” she asks.
“Sorry, but I’ve been too busy with reality.” I tell her.
“What you need is to put all problems aside and we take a walk. Bring Bailey.”
After thinking about it, I agreed. I got dressed, got Bailey’s things together, and headed out the door.

Either this conversation really happened or I’m just crazy. I stand by the first option, however.

I ended up going back to my childhood. I remember when my parents and I would visit my Grandfather when I was just a little girl, we would come here once in a while. Some memories came back to me when I walked by, others I vaguely remember. I had to have been four or five when I first came here. Unfortunately it costs a little to be in there, it was closed at the time, and I don’t think they allow pets.

Bailey, Sidekick, and I walked further down the park to the boating docks. I’ve never been around there and thought I’d explore around.

That walk lasted two hours and some minutes. When I got home, I felt relaxed and my mind was free from any negative thoughts. Sidekick was right, it was definitely something I needed. She’ll never let me down.


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