To Find Myself.

“What is the point of creating a journal when you never finish them?”

I ask myself this all the time, considering I have several different blogs, only one frequently updated. The reason behind “Life In A Photograph” is to show a personal side away from my main blog (because Tumblr already has “sad, young adults” written all over it), but to incorporate photos that reflect my emotions.

With that said, I haven’t updated since the day I started, and here’s my reason: I’ve been struggling to be myself again. I was always that happy-go-lucky girl with a smile on my face. I could easily talk to anyone about anything. Until my world started crashing down was when I started to change for the worst. I slowly became trapped in my thoughts and depression hit me like a ton of bricks. I started losing hope in myself, I began losing friends I’ve gained, I started to care less about my family, and I lacked the motivation to make a change. I haven’t been the same since. 

And I’m disappointed in myself for this.

After a drunken night full of blown up emotions, I sat down with my hungover self and had a long discussion about everything. It was then I realized that I was becoming someone I hate, and I didn’t like it. What I was doing was not healthy (descriptions are too upsetting to even discuss). After my epiphany, I began changing everything about myself for the better. Back to who I was a while ago, pushing aside every negative detail that made me become in said way. Time for a change. Time to find that girl who went missing a year ago. Time to be me.


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