“Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake.”

The past few days, I have been forced to listen to this little beauty. She isn’t mine, though I do see her quite often. Her owner has been having the itch to play and they have been inseparable lately (excluding the hours he has for work).

His new project is to learn “Bulls In The Bronx” by Pierce The Veil, as he searched the tabs for an hour yesterday. Several pages and the video for reference later, it sounds… decent. It is a work in progress after all (apparently the Mariachi part is quite something). I also had the chance to pick back up the hobby when he showed me the chords to play “Hold On Till May”. I remember when I first started  to learn how to play a guitar, it was back in my junior year of high school. I barely passed that Intro to Guitar class that semester. After that, I tried to continue with it, but, even to this day, it honestly isn’t my thing.

After yesterday, I began to feel guilty. I feel like I have been unsupportive of his passions. Criticism is one thing, but what I have said in the past is upsetting. It’s not exactly fair when one supports the other when that said other isn’t there for them. For that, I’m sorry.

The truth is:

When he does play a simple melody, it is beautiful.


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