First Post.

Every time I create a new blog (for whatever reason), I always feel like I have to make an introductory post. Silly, I know, but if you kept up with me over the years of blogging, you would know that it’s my thing I have to do.

But where to begin?

Let’s start off with the basics.

My name is Lexi. I’m twenty one years old and living in Northern California. Currently unemployed, in hopes to make a career out of my passion.

Oh, and this is my little sidekick. She and I have been through a lot since she came into my life coming up two years ago. Never once has she let me down and we plan on going places in the future. She never told me her name, so let’s just call her “Sidekick”.  She doesn’t mind that.

I have a unusual taste for music for my age. I probably know more than most twenty year olds these days. Growing with both my parents at the time, I began to love my dad’s “oldies” side and grown accustomed to my mom’s modern adult contemporary. If you look through my player now, you will find several artists you don’t know and some songs you will reminisce on as soon as you play them.

Unfortunately due to always wanting to keep busy, my room is always a cluttered mess. And I hate it.

I’m also a GED graduate as of December 2012. Four months of work total. Go me.

Water is a necessity in life, as well as it being the only thing I’ll drink (besides coffee and the occasional wine cooler).

This is Bailey. She is my eight month old Labrador Beagle mixed puppy. She and I have also been through a lot, from the potty training to the mutt behaviors. She’s been quite a handful, but I love her no matter what.

The reason behind this blog? I wanted to create a more journalistic blog than my photography blog, but more personal aside from Tumblr. Somewhere I can jot my thoughts down without wasting paper.

But enough about me. Who are you?


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